Post-Operative Management Application

Many patients are readmitted to the hospital after surgery due to complications. This is especially true for young children who cannot articulate how they feel and who are dependent on parents for appropriate management.

This project will involve:

  1. Creating a mobile application that allows parent and child to track post-operative management goals together and that allows a clinician to monitor progress remotely.
  2. Creating a tool for taking pictures of surgical wounds and for viewing these pictures look for signs of infection.
  3. Creating tools for tracking other post-operative metrics such as fluid intake, fluid output, pain, temperature, and medication adherence.
  4. Creating a virtual pet that reflects the post-operative management goals in order to make the tracking process more engaging for children.

Because this project will rely on Android phones/tablets and the CollaboRhythm platform, skills in Adobe Flex/Flash development will be desirable.

Representatives from Children's Hospital Boston will be contributing to this project.