Frank Moss PhD

Principal Investigator

Frank Moss served as director of the MIT Media Lab and the Jerome B. Wiesner Professor of Media Arts and Sciences from 2006 to 2011. An entrepreneur and 25-year veteran of the computer and biotech industries, Moss spent most of his career bringing innovative business technologies to market. At the Media Lab, he’s been seeking something different: how to use technology to address pressing social problems and to improve quality of life for people worldwide. Moss and his colleagues at the Media Lab envision a globally connected digital society that makes people smarter, healthier, and more creative. The Lab is conducting research on technologies that extend and enhance people's physical, cognitive and social capabilities; robots that can relate to people in more human terms; and organically decentralized networks that unlock people’s creative, innovative and problem-solving powers. Under his direction the New Media Medicine group is exploring how these technologies and others can revolutionize health care through radical new collaborations between doctors, patients and communities.

Ian Eslick

PhD Candidate

Ian's passion is finding ways to make the considerable power of computation more accessible to ordinary people so that individuals and communities can solve big societal problems. His technical research interests span artificial and collective intelligence, software engineering, data visualization, and human-computer interfaces.

John Moore MD

PhD Candidate

John is a physician and technologist working to fundamentally change the role that patients can play in their care by empowering them with knowledge, understanding, confidence, and channels for communication. He is studying the effect that new technology-mediated paradigms for doctor-patient collaboration can have on education, adherence, and behavior change.

Scott Gilroy

Software Developer

Scott Gilroy works with John Moore in the development of the CollaboRhythm platform. He is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the core components of the platform and is also involved in the development of applications for specific clinical problems. Scott will lead the effort to share CollaboRhythm as a resource to the entire MIT Media Lab and eventually to the world.

Mar Gonzalez Franco

Visiting PhD Student

Mar is a PhD student in the EventLab at the University of Barcelona where she explores the use of virtual reality in Neuroscience and Medicine. She studies the brain mechanisms underlying the human perceptual system. As a visiting student at the MIT Media Lab, Mar is applying her expertise in virtual reality to problems in rehabilitation. She is involved in the Oovit PT project for orthopedic rehabilitation and the Esoma project for cardiac rehabilitation.


Former Members

Sai Moturu PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sai's research is focused on integrating technology into a user's everyday life, assisting and motivating them to change or adopt behaviors that can help maintain or improve their health. Another key goal of his work is to gain insights into how our health and wellness are affected by behavioral factors significantly driven by the social and contextual environment.

Clark Freifeld

MS Graduate

Clark Freifeld completed a MS degree in the New Media Medicine group in 2010 and is currently a PhD candidate at Boston University. He is the principal software architect of the HealthMap outbreak monitoring system. He developed the OutbreaksNearMe application for the iPhone and Android while at the Media Lab, which allowed him to further explore the promise of participatory epidemiology.

Yadid Ayzenberg

MS Candidate

Yadid's research interests lie in the realm of applying new technologies to empower individuals to take control of their health and wellness. He is using existing devices as well as creating new devices that allow users to both monitor their health and share the data with others. His expertise includes communications, real time software, embedded systems design and HCI.