Integration of Fitness Tracking into Hypertension and Diabetes Management

Diet and exercise are extremely important aspects of diabetes management. Unfortunately most interventions only focus on increasing medication adherence because diet and exercise are harder to track. The aim of this project is to integrate data from the MOTOACTV, a new fitness tracker and MP3 player from Motorola, into an application for diabetes management that has already been developed for CollaboRhythm. In order to increase attention to diet and exercise in diabetes, it will be necessary to decrease the burden on patients to track their medication usage, including insulin. This project will also include instrumenting an insulin pen so that it will wirelessly transmit information about its usage to the application for diabetes managment.

This project will involve:

  1. Creating software for the MOTOACTV to upload fitness data to a patient’s Indivo X personally controlled health record. (A research scientist from Motorola will be present to help in this process).
  2. Creating plugins for CollaboRhythm to allow the fitness data to be visualized in graphs in parallel with blood pressures, blood sugars, and medication adherence data.
  3. Allowing patients to annotate their fitness data in CollaboRhythm.
  4. Prototyping an intelligent, wireless insulin pen.
  5. Integrating the data from the instrumented insulin pen into the diabetes management application on CollaboRhythm.

Because this project will rely on Android phones/tablets and the CollaboRhythm platform, skills in Android/Java and Adobe Flex/Flash development will be desirable.

Representatives from Motorola will be contributing to this project.