Ian Eslick

Ian Eslick

PhD Candidate

Ian's passion is finding ways to make the considerable power of computation more accessible to ordinary people so that individuals and communities can solve big societal problems. His technical research interests span artificial and collective intelligence, software engineering, data visualization, and human-computer interfaces.

Ian's current work is developing a model for community-driven problem solving entitled Collective Discovery. The concrete goals of this work are identifying and validating hypotheses in patient-provided epidemiological data while helping individuals make more informed decisions from crowdsourced health data.  Central to this is the idea of self-expeirmentation and automated recommendations that help people filter through a set of possible treatments.  

As a Research Fellow at the health innovation non-profit  Lybba, he works with a variety of healthcare organizations.  His principle project is looking at systematic single-subject treatment experimentation with the C3N project of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center.  Ian also partners with the LAM Treatment Alliance in the development of LAMsight, a Collective Discovery platform for LAM patients, clinicians and researchers and the International LAM Registry, to accelerate clinical data sharing.

Eslick received his BS and MEng degrees from MIT in 1996. That year he co-founded Silicon Spice, a telecommunications company developing high-performance, multi-core digital signal processors, telephony software and reference designs for carrier-class voice-over- IP infrastructure. In late 2000, Silicon Spice was acquired by Broadcom, where Eslick became a director of software engineering. Under the Broadcom label, Silicon Spice's products became the market leader with significant penetration in the US, Europe and Asia. Eslick also helped form Broadcom's Mobile Handset Business Unit, which developed the first generation of 2.5G “EDGE” cellular devices. He is the co-founder of an active social media advertising and insights company, Compass Labs, and remains an advisor to venture capital firms and startup companies in the semiconductor, telecommunications, software and consumer Internet sectors. He holds more than a dozen patents in semiconductor architecture, real-time software, and communications technology.