Hypertension Self-Management App

Hypertension affects approximately 30 percent of the adult population of the United States. Antihypertensive treatment has been shown to be extremely effective at preventing complications. It decreases the incidence of heart attack by 20-25%, of stroke by 35-40%, and of heart failure by 50%. Unfortunately, estimates suggest that the majority of individuals with hypertension (~52%) in the United States do not have their blood pressure controlled. It is necessary to explore new paradigms of hypertension management.

It is possible that some antihypertensive medications may become available over-the-counter in the near future. This project aims to build a companion mobile app that will allow patients to self-diagnose hypertension and to self-manage using over-the-counter medications. It will include the integration of a smart pill bottle that will automatically track medication adherence so that this data can be seamlessly integrated into the decision making process for medication titration.

This project will be built on the CollaboRhtyhm platform in order to leverage the self-tracking, charting, and decision-support frameworks that already exist. The team will focus on the following goals:

  1. Design and implement a decision support tool for introduction and titration of hypertension medications that may conceivably be made over-the-counter in the near future.
  2. Integrate a smart pill bottle to automatically report medication adherence in the application. (Members of the team already have a functional prototype of a smart pill bottle. They will focus on the wireless communication protocols and integration into CollaboRhythm during the event)
  3. Itegrate a FitBit, MotoACTV, or other activity monitor with CollaboRhythm and the hypertension self-management application.
  4. Create an incentive system that quantifies both patient adherence to medication and measurements as well as progress toward goals. The incentive system will drive a game or a rewards system. The incentive system will be modular so that it can be leveraged by any CollaboRhythm application.

Registered Participants:

  • Team from Novartis including a project manager, clinician, and software developer
  • Team from AdhereTech including a software developer, electrical engineer, and mechanical engineer
  • Team from Greece including a professor and three students with software development experience
  • Multiple experienced clinical mentors