Epilepsy Management App

As high as 1% of the US population will develop drug-refractory epilepsy, which has a significant impact on quality of life. Interesting research has been conducted showing that galavanic skin response (GSR) based biofeedback training may reduce seizure frequency in this situation (http://www.neurofeedbackclinic.ca/journals/Epilepsy/epilepsy01.pdf). Other research suggests that a ketogenic diet (for example, the Atkins diet) can also reduce seizure frequency. The problem is that it is difficult to put these interventions into practice or to further test their merits because they require careful tracking, adjustment, and correlation with outcomes.

This project will include the development of a GSR biofeedback game, ketogenic diet tracking tools, and seizure tracking tools for patients so that correlations can be explored between interventions and outcomes. The project will leverage CollaboRhythm so that patients can share their results with dietitians and neurologists in order to maximize teamwork in care managment.

The specific goals of the project are:

  1. Build an Adroid-based biofeedback game using a bluetooth GSR sensor. EEG data input and real-time analysis will also be explored.
  2. Model the results of the game sessions so that they can be transmitted to CollaboRhythm using an Android intent and then saved to the patient's Indivo personally controlled health record.
  3. Model important components to capture about a ketogenic diet and build a custom CollaboRhythm component for ketogenic diet tracking.
  4. Model important information about a seizure event and build a custom CollaboRhythm component for entering data about each seizure event.
  5. Create custom visualizations for exploring the relationships between biofeedback training, ketogenic diet, and seizure events.

This team includes:

  1. A team of researchers interested in ketogenic diets in epilepsy.
  2. A team member with experience in biofeedback.
  3. A team member significant hardware and software hacking experience.
  4. A team member with significant healthcare consulting experience
  5. A team with experience in GSR biofeedback, game developement, immersive enviroments, and neuroscience investigations