Health and Wellness Innovation 2013


We are now moving into the final phase of selecting projects for the event. Participants have proposed the exciting projects below, and we have helped to refine them and to merge together complementary ideas. We have opted for fewer projects that incorporate multiple innovative ideas and more team members so that we can highlight the value of each innovation through a compelling use-case. Detailed descriptions are being posted and team rosters will be added.

All of the projects have a strong element of patient empowerment. In addition, all of the projects this year will leverage the CollaboRhythm platform and the Indivo X personally controlled health record back-end that it employs. Using these common tools will help to maximize the progress that each project can make because improvements in the platform will benefit all of the teams. It will also ensure interoperability and data portability.

  1. Peri-Operative Endometriosis App for patients who undergo surgery for endometriosis with wound evaluation including an infection-sensing bandage, pain management, and team communication components
  2. Hypertension Self-Management App that integrates decision-support, a smart pill bottle, and an adherence incentive system
  3. Educational HIV App that allows patients to track and understand the benefits of medication adherence and that integrates point-of-care viral load testing
  4. Parkinson's Disease Management App that integrates medication adherence tracking, motor symptom self-assessment (including fall risk), and biofeedback motor training.
  5. Epilepsy Management App that integrates medication adherence tracking, a galvanic skin response (GSR) and EEG biofeedback game, and a ketogenic diet component.
  6. Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Management App that integrates a weight scale, pulse oximeter, and home monitoring/automation system.

The following projects were proposed but have been either merged with other projects or been assigned as alternates.

  • Prenatal care app with add-on for managing gestational diabetes (including smart insulin pen cap) - not enough team members
  • Early childhood development app to help families track the physical and cognitive development of their infants/children - not enough team members
  • Online patient community navigation and engagement tool - not enough team members
  • Cancer Care App with patient diary and care plan visualization - not enough team members
  • Gestational diabetes app (for mothers who develop diabetes during pregnancy) - merged with prenatal care app
  • Incentives Add-On to CollaboRhythm that allows developers to easily add gaming elements to any CollaboRhythm app or researchers to easily study different rewards for adherence - merged with hypertension self-managment app
  • Patient self-assessment app for fall risk with self-administed fall prevention exercises - merged with Parkinson's Disease managment app


Indivo ( is the original personally controlled health record (PCHR) system. A PCHR enables an individual to own and manage a complete, secure, digital copy of her health and wellness information. Indivo integrates health information across sites of care and over time. Indivo is free and open-source, uses open, unencumbered standards, and is actively deployed in diverse settings, in particular Children's Hospital Boston and the Dossia Consortium. The New Media Medicine team has experience using Indivo in their work, and members of the Indivo team will participate in the event.

CollaboRhythm ( is an open-source technology platform for health that allows individuals to track their progress and receive support in real-time. It runs on smart phones, tablets, and personal computers (Mac and Windows) and helps people to learn about their health through personalized simulations and educational tools. Because CollaboRhythm leverages Indivo, it allows individuals to be in total control of their health data and to share it with family members, friends, peers, and clinicians. In the new model of health management enabled by CollaboRhythm, people take charge of their own health and others (including clinicians) are transformed into supportive coaches. The New Media Medicine team has created CollaboRhythm and is interested in helping innovators leverage its advances while contributing to its capabilities.

Design Support - Maeve Donohue from Nami Studios and Dave Siedzik from Essential Design will assist the teams in storyboarding, designing, and refining their apps and hardware to optimize the user experience. 

Human Computer Interaction Support - Alex Olwal of the MIT Media lab has experience in building a variety innovative interactive experiences across many domains, including health. He will assist in focused implementation and design decisions.

More links to come here to help participants prepare for the event.