Health and Wellness Innovation 2013

Registration for Finale Day (January 31st)

Registration required for attendence.

Member Companies, MIT Media Lab Community, and Invited Guests

Registration is for the finale day of the event is free for representatives from MIT Media Lab member companies, for the MIT Media Lab community, and invited guests. This includes the open-house demos and the concluding mini-conference.

Member Registration for Finale Day (January 31st)



Registration for all others is $100 per person.

Non-member Registration for Finale Day (January 31st)



Registration for Entire Event is closed

Registration required for attendence.


Registration for academics (undergraduates, graduates, post-docs, professors) will be free but will be limited to approximately 60 positions. The decision of which participants to accept will depend on skill set, motivation, and experience. The goal will be to gather a community of hackers who will maximize the possibility of success for all of the projects. Software developers, interaction designers, graphic designers, and all-around hacker types are ideal candidates. Electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, and industrial designers will also be valuable for some of the projects.

Applications will be reviewed each Friday in November and December as long as there are still positions open. Applicants will be notified by the following Monday.

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Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals with interest in innovative new approaches to empowering patients will be free but limited to approximately 20 positions. The decision of which participants to accept will depend on their ability to contribute to individual projects of interest or their ability to mentor specific aspects of multiple projects.



Member Companies

Representatives of member companies of the MIT Media Lab will be invited to participate without charge. Member companies should send two software developers/hackers for every one manager. The goal is to have companies intimately involved in the technical aspects of projects as well as the innovative ideas in order to maximize knowledge transfer in both directions. We also hope that member companies will be interested in contributing products for use by the teams.



Non-member Companies

Companies who are not members of the MIT Media Lab will be required to make a donation of ten thousand dollars to the event and will be able to send 3 representatives (at least two software develpers/hackers). The donation will be used directly toward the event for video production, supplies for projects, food, facilities, etc.



Invited Guests

In addition to the above participants, there will be some invited guests who have been considered valuable additions to the community.