Health and Wellness Innovation 2013

Intellectual Property

All of the projects built during Health and Wellness Innovation 2013 will be shared openly with the world. This will include videos of the projects that describe their goals and that demonstrate their basic functionality. The philosophy of Health and Wellness Innovation is to encourage collaboration and innovation that is far ahead of the pack. Worrying about intellectual property during this event would prevent us from accomplishing our goals. As a result, no intellectual property agreements or non-disclosure agreements will bind the participants of this event.

Any code that projects contribute to the community through feature additions to the Indivo X or CollaboRhythm platforms will be open-source and freely available to the public as stipulated by the open-source licenses of these platforms. If the architecture supporting the projects does not move forward, then the chance of success of projects, no matter how innovative they are, will be slim.

Although the philosophy of Health and Wellness Innovation is that a certain level of collaboration on core architecture will be essential for the success of all, it is certainly true that entrepreneurial efforts that leverage this architecture will be essential in order for outcomes to be achieved. Projects teams will be able to keep software code, hardware designs, and other technical advances private. (Please keep in mind that teams will be mixed with students, health professionals, and innovators from industry though.) Participants will be encouraged to participate in follow-up events that will teach them how to turn their innovative ideas into business plans or that will help them to seek funding to do further research.

Even though all of the projects developed during Health and Wellness Innovation 2013 will be shared publicly, the broader work of the MIT Media Lab will remain confidential. Participants who are not already members/sponsors will not have any special rights to learn about projects being conducted at the MIT Media Lab and any information that is gleaned in passing should be kept confidential.