Health and Wellness Innovation 2013


The finale day is Thursday January 31st. The open house from 10am to 1pm is open. It is necessary to register for the period of lunch, mini-conference, and dinner. See the registration page.

Day 1: Opening Day - Tuesday January 22nd, 2013

The goal of this day is for each team to meet to refine the patient use-case that will form the basis of its technology development and video production. Each team will also assign/refine preliminary roles to each of its team members. In the afternoon, each team will give a 5 minute presentation addressing its patient use-case, its team members and their roles, challenges anticipated, and questions for the community. The other teams will have the opportunity to discuss internally and then to provide feedback. Learning about the other projects and participants will help to maximize collaboration between teams during the event.

9:00 am – Breakfast and inter-team mingling

10:00 am – Teammates meet over continuing breakfast

10:30 am – Introduction to Health and Wellness Innovation 2013 including demo of CollaboRhythm and walk-through of example project from 2012

11:30 pm - Teammates discuss their patient use-case and team member roles in preparation for afternoon presenatation

1:00 pm – Lunch

2:00 pm – Hypertension presentation

2:30 pm – Parkinson's Disease presentation

3:00 pm – HIV presentation

3:30 pm – Epilepsy presentation

4:00 pm – Endometriosis presentation

4:30 pm – Congestive Heart Failure presentation

5:00 pm -- Dinner



Days 2 through 9: January 23rd to January 31st

Teams will work on their projects in open areas are the Media Lab that will be set up to facilitate interaction between teams through proximity. Small tutorial sessions will be conducted as the need arises and participants will be encouraged to self-organize focus groups and collaborative sub-teams aimed to tackle common technical problems.


Day 4: Video Script First Draft Review Day - January 25th

Throughout this day, each team will present their technical progress and a rough draft of their video script to the video production team and to any mentors with whom they have connected. The goal should be to assess their progress toward their goals and to make sure that they will be prepared for creating their videos.


Day 7: Video Script Final Draft Submission Day - January 28th

Teams should submit a final draft of their video script for review by the video production team. Only small edits of the text will be possible after this day. The major scenes and assets needed for filming need to be finalized.


Day 10: Finale - Demos, Prizes, and Mini Conference - January 31st

The goal of this day is for each team to demonstrate their progress to the community and for the community to reflect on how to support innovation going forward after the event. Teams will present their prototypes in an open house demo session. Judges will meet with each of the teams to assess their progress and the merits of their projects. Prizes will be awarded during lunch.

A mini conference will then be held including participants from the event and special guests with expertise in personal health informatics and trends in technology. Fragmentation is a major obstacle to success in the field of personal health informatics. The goal of the mini conference is to explore solutions for improving collaboration and nurturing innovation. The day will conclude with dinner. (Registration is required for attendance for the period of lunch, mini-conference, and dinner.)

9:00 am – Breakfast

10:00 am -- Open House with Demonstrations

  • Teams will be set up on the 6th floor giving live demonstrations of their projects and engaging in conversation with visitors.
  • Expect to spend about an hour and a half to be able to interact with all of the teams, but you can come any time within this 3 hour open-house window.

1:00 pm -- Lunch

2:00 pm – Mini Conference

  • The mini conference will consist of 3 interactive panels and an audience activity that aim to reflect on changes healthcare and advances in patient empowerment through the lens of what participants have accomplished in this event. John Moore will tell the story that summarizes the results of the event and connects the themes of the panels. Frank Moss will moderate the panels.
  • 2:20pm Panel 1: How does care delivery need to adapt to embrace the contribution of the empowered patient?
  • 3:00pm Panel 2: How does the field of health informatics need to evolve to support this change?
  • 3:40pm Panel 3: How do innovators create services and products that push the vision forward?

5:00 pm – Prizes Awarded and Dinner


Day 11: Video Filming Day - February 1st

Throughout this day and adjacent days, teams will work with the video production team to record footage for their videos. The goal of these videos is to increase the visibility of the projects so that teams can seek funding or find new collaborators.