Health and Wellness Innovation 2013

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This year's event was a huge success due to the amazing energy and skills of the 80 participants from around the world. They worked tirelessly for 2 weeks to build solutions for patient empowerment and finished with spectacular results. They are now ready to take their visions forward.



Best User Experience - hiVIVA

Best Use of Data - Beacon

Best Use of Resources - AEON Health

Best Collaboration and Teamwork - PressureFree

Most Innovative Solution - AEON Health

Most Audacious Goal / Greatest Potential for Community Benefit - Beacon

Honorable Mention:

Most Complete Prototype Functionality - MyOp

Most Holistic Patient Empowerment Solution - EpiCenter


Project Videos Will Be Released in the Next Few Weeks!


What: Health and Wellness Innovation 2013 is a two week hackathon that brings together students, health professionals, and innovators from industry to build technology that empowers patients to take control of their health.


Healthcare is in crisis; every year we spend more and get less. At the core of this crisis is a lack of patient engagement. Patients are motivated to be involved, but they are consistently undervalued and marginalized. Current efforts in consumer health are fragmented and fail to leverage a common infrastructure to promote each other’s success through positive feedback. They spend most of their time solving the same problems over and over again. As a result, their ability to empower patients is limited.

This annual event forges partnerships and springboards projects to success by encouraging participants to share core technologies and by providing mentorship to push the limits of innovation in every project. It brings together key clinical, research, and industry players so that we can solve real problems and achieve real change in healthcare.

It is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the field. They work with professionals and gain experience that can lead to research funding, grad school positions, or job opportunities.


MIT Media Lab - We will occupy the 6th floor for the entire event

75 Amherst Street  Cambridge, MA 02142

When: January 22 - February 1, 2013
Participants are expected to prepare for the event in collaboration with the Health and Wellness Innovation team.

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