Sai Moturu to Present on Oovit PT at Games for Health 2011

The 7th Annual Games for Health Conference is being held on May 17-19 in Boston, MA.  The event brings together a variety of researchers, game developers, and health professionals to review, brainstorm, and collaborate on how videogames, and videogame technologies are finding new roles in health & healthcare.

There are major tracks on exergaming, sensorimotor rehab, nutrition games, medical training, and cognitive & emotional health.  Pre-conference events focus on mobile games, game accessibility, and medical modeling & simulation. Sai will be presenting on Oovit PT in the Sensorimotor Rehab track at 3:15pm on May 18.
The opening keynote is Dr. Martin Seligman, widely known as the father of positive psychology.  He will deliver a speech titled Positive Psychology>Positive Computing>Positive Videogames.
The second keynote will be Dr. Roni Zeiger, chief health strategist for Google. Dr. Zeiger is a practicing physician who helps direct Google’s health oriented projects such as health search, Google Body, Google Flu Trends, and Google Health. Zeiger’s talk, titled “The Last Mile Doesn’t Have to be the Hardest: Solving Problems Between Games and Health,” will focus on the needs and possible strategies to better connect people to systems and behaviors that can make them healthier.
If you're interested in this further you can click the following link to read more on the Games for Health website: http://bit.ly/gfh2011