Moore's Reede Scholars Talk Highlighted in Harvard Gazette

The Reede Scholars Health Equity Symposium featured an informative keynote by David Blumenthal, former National Coordinator for Health Information Technology under President Barack Obama. His talk described current efforts in Washington to advance the health information technology infrastructure of the United States with an eye on health disparities. It was extremely exciting to hear that there is a push being made to give patients access to their entire medical records and that there is a strong appreciation for the importance of patient participation. John Moore of New Media Medicine was part of a panel including Blumenthal that dug deeply into how health information technology can be used to address inequity in healthcare. The Harvard Gazette article highlights Moore's contribution in the last paragraph. John Halamka, Chairman of the Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel and the CIO of Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, concluded the meeting with an inspiring talk that featured work that will be done this summer in Washington on the topics of patient identity, authentication, and certification of data as they pertain to health. It sounds like they will hit on many of the issues that we began addressing in Health and Wellness Innovation 2011 in the Online Health Identity project. Awesome!