New Media Medicine's Medical Home

New Media Medicine's Medical Home

We decided that, if we hope to demonstrate the future of how patients manage their health, we better think beyond individial devices. We built a model patient home and have started to populate it with health sensors, ambient displays, and typical consumer electronic devices such as a mobile phone, television, and desktop computer. CollaboRhythm invisibly synchronizes all of the devices to provide a seamless experience. We should not have to think about the right device for the right task, instead it should be possilbe to use the device that is most convenient at the moment or that has the best affordances for the task at hand. Health management should not be a burdensome task driven by annoying systems that interrupt our every move. Instead, awareness cues should blend into our environment so that we can maintain our health without disengaging from our lives.

Keep an eye out for new demos in our medical home!

Patient's daily health schedule on a ChumbyPatient's collaborative health record on the home PCLinda from "I'm Listening" on the televisionPatient's daily health schedule on an Infocast display