Eslick presents at Mayo Clinic's Transform 2011 Conference

Ian Eslick joined Lybba founder Jesse Dylan to host a breakout session at Mayo Transform 2011 with collaborators Michael Seid of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital C3N project and Science Commons visionary John Wilbanks.

The topic was the “transformative power of data sharing and institutional transparency on health systems." The panel identified leading examples how value multiplies when institutions pool their information and share data openly. Data-sharing technologies in real-world systems will be discussed, drawn from several collaborations of both New Media Medicine, Lybba, and Cincinnati Children's.

Ultimately, resisting migration of patient data across institutional boundaries will be considered irresponsible because it contributes to slower scientific progress and poorer outcomes for patients. Yet many institutions do just that, making their living by hoarding and controlling patient data, and they fear the transition to a world where data is liquid.  Data liquidity and patient control of data are key to unlocking new scientific insight and improving healthcare practices for all.