Asthma Management Mobile Application

Asthma is the most common childhood disease. It results 100 million missed school days and 18 million emergency room visits a year in the US. Adherence to inhaled corticosteroids is poor, and improving this adherence has the opportunity to reduce morbidity and mortality. This project will build a mobile application/game for children will help them manage their asthma.

This project will involve:

  1. Creating a mobile application that allows children to track their medication usage and their lung function and that motivates them to achieve optimal outcomes. CollaboRhythm already has much of the functionality to collect the data, it just needs to be customized for asthma. In addition, the mobile application should have some fun game-like elements added to improve patient engagement.
  2. Creating a spirometer that looks like a trumpet or other fun toy and quantifies the child’s breathing capacity. This spirometer will use a sensor that will be provided. It will need to have wireless communication capability added to it via a Bluetooth module. Code will need to be written for Android phones/tablets to capture the data. The data will then need to be integrated into the CollaboRhythm mobile application.

Because this project will rely on Android phones/tablets and the CollaboRhythm platform, skills in Android/Java and Adobe Flex/Flash development will be desirable. Hardware prototyping skills including Bluetooth radio integration will also be desirable.